In sum, 30 MA fellowships will be made available and allotted to the Islamic Studies programme in Leiden over the course of five years. The focus of this MA programme is on research methodology and consists of both classical disciplines and social sciences. It aims to equip students with a critical attitude and the necessary intellectual instruments to analyse societal and religious issues.The students will study in Leiden for the period of some 18 months: 12 months for taking classes and 6 months for writing a thesis. The application deadline for the first ten scholarships is 15 October 2006. After selection a two-month English pre-departure training will be given in Jakarta. The MA programme in Leiden will start in February 2007. Deadlines for the subsequent two batches are 15 March 2007 (start programme in Leiden in September 2007) and 1 February 2008 (start programme in Leiden in September 2008).

MA RequirementsTo be eligible for the Indonesian Young Leaders programme, the candidate must meet the following requirements:

– be an Indonesian national
– have a S1 degree from either a state sponsored or non-state sponsored Islamic Indonesian University
– have a background in Islamic Studies
– willing to take part in the programme fulltime for the complete duration of the scholarship.
– have a high level of English proficiency (TOEFL 550, after pre-departure English training)
– be in good health
– not be above the age of 40 years (men) or 45 years (women) on the application deadline
MA Application ProcedurePlease submit the following documents in threefold by the application deadlines at the latest: a. Application form (available here)
b. Motivation Statement
c. Curriculum vitae (
format available here)
d. Proposal for either your proposed upgrading course or MA thesis (500 words)
e. A copy of your KTP
f. A copy of your passport
g. A legalized copy of your birth certificate
h. Two recent photographs (3×4; colour)
i. A certified true copy of your S1 diploma
j. A copy of the original of your statements of grades and a translated transcript
k. Two letters of recommendation
Based on the academic assessment Leiden University will create a short-list of students, who will be interviewed by NEC (Netherlands Education Centre). An Independent Selection Committee will select the candidates to be awarded a scholarship.

Please send the files in threefold to:

Netherlands Education Centre Indonesia (NEC)
Menara Jamsostek 20th floor
Jl. Gatot Subroto no 38
Jakarta 12710, Indonesia


Satu respons untuk “Beasiswa

  1. Males ah..entar aku murtad…mana logis belajar Islam sama orang yang gak pernah mandi junub, gak percaya Al-qur’an gak percaya hari kiamat….gak beriman.

    Salam hangat

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