Trap of Science and Religion

After Pak Zain (Zainal Abidin Bagir) explaining the universe, I know that the universe is very large and consists of many things, not only earth, human being, animal, etc. Therefore, the question “are human beings special” is important to consider. In this context, I believe that human beings are only a little thing in this universe. Therefore, human beings must respect others. However, human beings are unique, because they are the only one among universe who has reason to rationalize and understand this universe. Because of reason, human beings often feel superior to others that can explain everything.

Science is human being creation to explain this universe, makes life simpler and sometime destroys this universe. As human creation, science surely has limitation in the explaining and rationalizing this universe. As well, religion does not merely given by God, but also human creation. The purpose of religion more and less is similar to science, namely explaining this universe. For instance, both science and religion have the same explanation that the source of human being, animal, bird, etc, is same (nafsin wahidah in the Qur’an term). The difference between science and religion is that religion consists of ethical thing which in science less got space. Another difference is that science pure human reason, meanwhile religion has mystical thing. It means that science and religion have the same purpose; their differences are only in their content.

The problem is both scientists and religious often claim that his explanation is totally right meanwhile other explanations are wrong. Scientists sometime blame religious outlook, and conversely. In this case, scientists and religious believe in their own creation. In other words, what they create then become belief. However, both have limitation and are relative. Because of this, I assume that the belief of human being in religion and science is trap. Briefly, the relative dimension of science and religion must be considered as the limitation, consequently between science and religion can not claim each other as the only true explanation.


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